Difference between occupation and profession

Difference Between Occupation and Profession

Occupation vs Profession. Learn more. Zeeshan 31st January The Difference Between a Life Interest and Right to Occupy A Life Interest is an asset that can be used to generate income, and as such, if the spouse living in the home was forced to declare bankruptcy, there is a possibility that they could be forced to move out of the house and rent it out so that they could use the income to pay creditors. More specifically, the National Register: has more than 80, listings, made up of 1.

Here are some examples of market segmentation to prove this point.

difference between occupation and profession

It will help you know what type of work you want to do, and where you want to work. Due to the similarities between these two terms, they are often confused to mean the same even though there are a number of differences between them. However, in actual fact, these terms have quite different meanings so it is important to distinguish between these terms.

The words occupation and profession are interchangeable. The difference between occupation and profession can be stated with a simple example: Designing a building would be called a profession, whereas, constructing a building is an occupation. Some of the most popular examples of the ordinal scale are occupational status, the ranking of participants in competitions and tournaments, school class rankings: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and etc.

What is difference between job and occupation with examples? As nouns the difference between position and designation is that position is a place or location while designation is the act of designating; a pointing out or showing; indication.

difference between profession and career

Examples Of Market Segmentation. A job specifically refers to something you are doing for money or work. Health care is an industry that employs many occupations. The main difference between occupation and profession is that occupation is an activity undertaken by the person to earn his livelihood.

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It can be business or employment that a person undertakes to make money whereas profession is an activity that needs specialized training, knowledge, qualification, and skills. Unskilled Labor? Examples of professions are doctors, lawyers, financial experts, and professors.

A job title provides a more clear idea of what an employee does to earn a living and the operations he performs.Occupation and profession have some close similarities and it is the reason why people find it difficult to make a distinction. The main difference between occupation and profession is that o ccupation is a neutral term which is used broadly while profession refers to an occupation that requires formal qualification or long training.

The lesson provides detailed insight into the difference between occupation and profession with examples. Occupation is an activity undertaken by an individual to earn a living. It can be in the form of employment and business activity to make money. Examples of occupations are driver, civil servant, shopkeeper, clerks, and accountants among many others. Occupation does not require an individual to school though it involves mental and physical kinds of jobs.

The profession is an occupation where an individual undergoes training to specialize in a certain area. It requires an individual to gain high degrees in education and have expertise.

The main function of the profession is to render services to those in need of them. It is normally governed by professional bodies or statues. Examples of professions are chartered accountants, engineers, lawyers and doctors among many others. Each profession has a certain code of ethics to ensure uniformity. Read More: Difference between Information and Knowledge. There are a lot of similarities between occupations and professions but the slight differences make them stand apart from each other.

The core difference between occupation and profession is that occupation does not require higher learning whereas profession requires higher learning. Welcome to Core Differences.Occupation is an activity undertaken by the person to earn his livelihood. It can be business, profession or employment that a person undertakes to make money. Many think that occupation and profession are synonyms, but the fact is they are different. Profession is an activity that requires specialised training, knowledge, qualification and skills.

It implies membership of a professional body, and certificate of practice. The individuals who undertake a profession of rendering personalised services are called professionals, who are guided by a certain code of conduct, set up by the respective body.

The line of demarcation between occupation and profession is thin and blurred. When a professional is paid for his skill or talent, it is known as occupation. Check out the article to know some more differences. Basis for Comparison Occupation Profession Meaning Occupation refers to the regular activity performed by a person to earn his bread and butter.

A profession is an occupation or vocation which requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise in the specific field. A professional is completely independent. Occupation refers to the kind of economic activity endeavoured by a person regularly for earning money.

When someone engages or occupies himself, most of the time, in any economic activity, that activity is known as their occupation.

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An occupation does not necessarily require specialised schooling in a particular stream. It is divided into the following categories:. A profession is an occupation, for which a person has to undergo specialised training or internship, for getting a high degree of education and expertise in the concerned area.

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The main objective of the profession is to render services to those who need them. The profession is governed by a professional body or statute. Normally, a professional is said to be an expert in his field. Ethical codes are developed by the professional body which must be followed by the professionals, to ensure uniformity in their work.

After the above discussion, it can be said that the occupation is a broader term, and it includes profession. Well this is really helpful thank you very much for the efforts you made to come up with this information. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Key Differences Between Occupation and Profession The major differences between occupation and profession are discussed as under: An activity performed by a person normally for monetary compensation is known as the Occupation. Profession refers to vocation, in which high degree of education or skills is required.

Unlike occupation, the profession has a code of conduct. Occupation does not require any sort of training in a particular field, but the profession requires specialisation in a specific area, and that is why training is a must.

In general, the profession is regulated by a particular or professional body statute while an occupation is not. A person doing occupation get paid for what he produces, whereas a profession gets paid according to his knowledge and expertise. The profession is also an occupation when the person is paid for utilising his skills and expertise.

A professional is independent, i.Occupation vs Profession. The words occupation and profession are interchangeable. Profession and occupation are almost the same, with only minor differences between them. The difference between occupation and profession can be stated with a simple example: Designing a building would be called a profession, whereas, constructing a building is an occupation.

A profession needs extensive training and specialized knowledge. On the other hand, an occupation does not need any extensive training. A person with an occupation need not have specialized knowledge of his trade. A profession can be called an occupation when a person is paid for his particular skills, and his deep knowledge.

Doctors, engineers, advocates, journalists, scientists, and many others, fall under the professional category. On the other hand, persons engaged in an occupation are not paid for their knowledge, but only for what they produce. Drivers, clerks and technicians fall under the category of occupation. Unlike a person engaged in an occupation, a professional has to undergo higher education.

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It is noticeable that a profession tends to be autonomous. When considering responsibilities, a profession demands that the resonsibility lies with the individual. Moreover, only a professional will be able to assess fellow professionals. In regards to an occupation, no one has autonomous power; he or she is supervised by another person.

Moreover, any person can make asseessments, as this type of work does not require high degrees of knowledge and skill.

difference between occupation and profession

Well, professionals enjoy a higher social status than a person engaged in an occupation. Another difference that can be seen between profession and occupation, is that the former is guided through certain ethical codes, and is regulated by a certain statute.

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Persons engaged in an occupation are not paid for their knowledge, but only for what they produce. A profession tends to be autonomous, whereas, for an occupation, no one has autonomous power; he or she is supervised by another person.

Unlike occupation, a profession demands that the resonsibility lies with the individual. A profession is guided through certain ethical codes, and regulated by certain statute.

Cite Prabhat S. September 6, Many technician jobs do, in fact, require extensive training e. To further discredit this retarded definition, there are literally millions of self-employed people, such as plumbers, electricians, computer techs, farmers, grocers, etc.

A much more accurate way to describe a profession is a line of work that REQUIRES a license, certification, or other peer-regulated endorsement to practice. A profession requires extensive training, and deep, specialized knowledge, whereas an occupation does not. A profession can be called an occupation when a person is paid for his or her skill and deep knowledge. Professionals undergo years of higher education, while those engaged in occupations do not.

Professionals are autonomous, whereas those engaged in occupations are supervised by another person.

difference between occupation and profession

Professions demands that responsiblity lie with the individual, not the organization or company. Professions are regulated by professional codes of behavior and statutes. Profession: A number of individuals in the same occupation voluntarily organized to earn a living by openly serving a certain moral ideal in a morally permissable way.

I would not say that there are only minor differences between a profession and an occupation, given the vast amount of time it takes to qualify for and acquire licensure in order to practice a profession.

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Those people in an occupation are exceedingly important, as they tend to perform tasks that produce goods and services that most people use with fair regularity; however, the specialized knowledge of a professional is not easily replicated an is certainly not easy to come by. This is a good website for students and even everybody because the illustrations is well explanatory.

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Difference Between Profession and Occupation

Email required.Your jobs can involve different skills and services that you would be offering during your job role. A job is often short-term and only done as a person requires money to live. A job and a career are usually used in the same context, but they actually mean pretty different things. No difference to me. Answer Save. On the other hand, career is growth-oriented, people seek opportunities to excel in their career, to get better pay and a good position.

This is the main difference between the two words. Typically, a career requires some sort of formal education. Related professions. Job and profession are two words that are often used interchangeably by most. A job is simply something you do to earn money.

10 Crucial Difference between Occupation and Profession

I can foresee a nice career for him. David B.

difference between occupation and profession

Job is an activity through which an individual can earn money. A career is traditionally seen as a course of successive situations that make up a person's worklife. Non-Professional Vs. Professional Jobs. Job vs. Observe the two sentences: 2. Observe the two sentences: 1. Your career can involve jobs belonging to different fields and niches. A job is more short-term oriented and tends to focus purely on earning money.

If yes, this article will clear your doubt and confusion. Career and Profession are two words that are often confused when it comes to their meanings. Favourite answer. While there is no fault in using these words as synonyms, there is a slight difference between occupation and profession.

Career Profession. The main difference between Professional and Profession is that the Professional is a person who is paid to undertake a specialized set of tasks and to complete them for a fee and Profession is a vocation founded upon specialized educational training. His career is cut short by the accident. A job is to complete tasks or solves problems. Providence Care embraces a recovery model of care, emphasizing the importance of interprofessional collaboration and a person-centred approach to the care of our clients.

A profession, on the other hand, is a vocation that is based on specialized educational training. Profession refers to the career that one opts for, getting extensive training and acquiring special skills to become eligible for a job in it. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. Jobs tend to be deemed professional if they require specialized knowledge and advanced skills in an area. The distinction between non-professional and professional jobs is often fuzzy and in flux.

On the other hand, career refers to the sequence of related employments which a person takes on, in his life, which includes jobs held, titles earned, projects accomplished, etc.Profession vs Occupation. Since time immemorial, profession and occupation have meant the kind of work that provides a means of bread and butter for men.

A person sweeping toilets and floors in a mall says that he is working as a cleaner in the mall while a doctor proudly claims that he is in the medical profession. Both people are working and earning, and it would not be wrong to say that both have different occupations.

However, there are subtle differences between profession and occupation that will be highlighted in this article. Since ancient times, there have been certain professions that were well delineated and respected.

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For example, men who cured ailments of other people in the society were respected as having magical power to cure others. Medicine has all along been a respected profession. Even before medicine, divinity was considered a noble profession that earned a lot of respect for men as they were considered men of god having divine powers. These two were termed as high professions. Later in the times of kings and royalties, there emerged a lot of other professions that gave people jobs in royal courts.

There was also profession of fighting for the royal army. With the passage of time and advancement, many more professions emerged that required higher studies and specialization. Even today, however, the professions associated with medicine, law, engineering and administration are considered above others, and require people to undergo higher studies to earn a job and high salary. Any job, manual or involving you to use your brain can be termed as occupation.

Occupation is a term used for a job that provides the means to make a living. Mostly, people doing jobs that are not very noteworthy are referred to as occupations. In general, when a man is asked about his occupation, he is required to tell about the job he is doing or the business he is involved with. In short, he has to tell the activity that earns bread and butter for him and the family. What is the difference between Profession and Occupation?

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